A New Perspective

w/ @AmberTiana808


A New Perspective is…

A New Perspective is the podcast where two people can be looking at the same thing and seeing something completely different. The podcast started because Amber-Tiana noticed that Justin didn’t look for things the same way that other people did—because he’s color-blind. They realized that even on a very literal level, people can be looking at something and having wildly different experiences.

A New Perspective was created to highlight those differences in a fun, positive light. There’s no better way to evolve than to admit that you’ve been looking at things all wrong all along.


Anonymous Apologies

w/ @LunaIndicaLovegood

We’re all human. We all make mistakes. And sometimes, we’re never given the opportunity to apologize. Sometimes it’s because we’re too stubborn. Sometimes it’s because we’re scared. Sometimes it’s because the person we hurt has passed away. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to hear it. Whatever the reason, apologizing is important.

Anonymous Apologies was created to give people the platform to finally air out their apologies—to admit to their mistakes without fear of repercussion and with complete anonymity. Whether you need to apologize to yourself or to someone else in your life, you can do it here. Follow the link below to take the survey, or email ApologizersAnonymous@gmail.com



SuggeStory is my writing podcast. Each week, I take a listener-submitted sentence and use it as the first sentence of a short story. Listeners submit stories as well, and I walk through my creative process before reading my story and sometimes a listener-submitted story as well.

Sometimes I interview writers. Sometimes I talk about writing practices and habits. Sometimes I talk about past projects I’ve written, often screenplays or novels. It’s somewhat loose and experimental, but it will always focus on WRITING.